Week 4: Investigating Minibeast Habitats

Task 4: Following on last week's activity, your job this week is to further explore the habitats in which minibeasts reside in.

For this task you will need to go to a computer lab or have enough computers/laptops available for all class membersanimals_2.JPG-This week you will be working with your groups that your teacher made in week 1.

-Below are four attached pages (one page for each group). On each page there are 6 different types of minibeasts.
Group 1 click here:
Group 2 click here:
Group 3 click here:
Group 4 click here:

-Each member of your group needs to select one minibeast from the sheet. This way you will all have something different to research!

-Each member of your group will also need to print off the following worksheet which is a proforma about minibeast habitats.

-For you to be able to complete this worksheet, you may need a little help.

-Here are some great websites and books which will point you in the direction of the information you need. But remember, try don't be afraid to try something new! Go and explore your school library for some books, ask questions or go outside and explore for yourself. The opportunities are endless!

Bingham, C., Morgan, B., & Roberston, M. (2007). Buzz. Dorling Kindersley, London.

Coombs, R., & Harris, N. (2006). Minibeasts. Dorling Kindersley, London.

-Now print off the worksheet and complete it in your group.

-As a class, you will collating a book about minibeast habitats, how resourceful!

Week 4 Minibeast Habitiats assessment:

This week you will be assessed on your knowledge of minibeast habitats.